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An FGF receptor signaling pathway is required for the normal cell migrations of the sex myoblasts in C. elegans hermaphrodites.

The sex myoblasts (SMs) in C. elegans hermaphrodites undergo anteriorly directed cell migrations that allow for the proper localization of the egg-laying muscles. These migrations are controlled in part by a signal emanating from gonadal cells that allows the SMs to be attracted to their precise final positions flanking the center of the gonad. Mutations in egl-15 alter the nature of the interaction between the gonad and the SMs, resulting in the posterior displacement of the SMs. Here we show that egl-15 encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase of the fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) subfamily with multiple roles in development. Three genes were identified that behave genetically as activators or mediators of egl-15 activity. One of these genes, sem-5, encodes an adaptor molecule that transduces signals from a variety of receptor tyrosine kinases. Like egl-15 and sem-5, the other two genes may similarly act in FGFR signaling pathways in C. elegans.[1]


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