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Degenerative vascular changes in children with diabetes mellitus.

Twenty three diabetic children aged 4 to 16 years with duration of the disease from 2 months to 10 years were investigated for microvascular complications. Eight of them (34.8%) had kidney disorders (low creatinine clearance, fluctuating microproteinuria, echographic changes), and nine children (39.1%) had peripheral neuropathy (sensory disorders as assessed by electromyography). Seven children (30.4%) were found to have microscopic alterations of the capillary loops of the nail wall. Ophthalmopathy was found in two (8.7%). There was no correlation between the microvascular complications and the age of children. The duration of the disease affected the severity of the complications. Microangiopathy was related to the degree of compensation of diabetes. It is emphasized in conclusion that the degenerative vascular complications have their onset rather early in childhood diabetes. They can be detected simultaneously with the diagnosis of diabetes, and therefore should be sought, duly diagnosed and treated.[1]


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