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Stable and functional expression of the CIC-3 chloride channel in somatic cell lines.

The CIC family is the superfamily of voltage-gated Cl- channels. Although the CIC channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes have been characterized, their channel properties are still poorly understood. We recently cloned a unique member of the CIC family, CIC-3, that is expressed abundantly in neurons. Its channel activity was regulated by phorbol esters. Now, we have established a stably transfected somatic cell line expressing functional CIC-3 channels and examined the CIC-3 single-channel current by patch-clamp techniques. In inside-out patches from the stably transfected cells, a rise of bath Ca2+ concentration in the physiological range of intracellular Ca2+ concentrations inhibited the CIC-3 single-channel currents. This inhibition by Ca2+ was independent of phosphorylation and ATP. Thus, the CIC-3 channel is a Ca(2+)-sensitive Cl- channel localized in neuronal cells, and its Ca2+ sensitivity implies a physiological role in neuronal functions.[1]


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