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Regions of evolutionary conservation between the rat and human prohibitin-encoding genes.

We have analyzed and compared the 5' promoter region, the intron structure and the exon-intron flanking sequences in the rat and human prohibitin-encoding genes ( PHB). Comparative analysis of a 350-nt region immediately 5' to and including the first exon identifies eight highly conserved regions, four of which correspond to binding sites for known transcriptional control proteins (CCAAT box, 'SV40' site and two Sp1 sites). The promoter lacks a TATA box. Four transcription start points (tsp) clustered within a 35-bp region were identified by rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). The exon-intron boundaries in rat and human are highly conserved, with identical positioning of splice junctions. PCR analysis with conserved exon primers was used to detect length variation between rat and human PHB, and length differences were observed in all of the introns.[1]


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