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Wildervanck's syndrome presenting as hemiparesthesia.

A 41-year-old male presented with recent-onset left hemiparesthesia, described as a "tingling numbness" of the upper extremity, torso, and face. History revealed a lifelong horizontal diplopia, neck stiffness, and left-sided hearing loss for 5 months. Examination revealed an ocular exam consistent with Duane's retraction syndrome, clinical and radiographic evidence of congenital fusion of C2 and C3 demonstrative of the Klippel-Feil anomaly, and a sensorineural hearing loss confirmed by audiometry. The diagnosis of Wildervanck's syndrome was made based on this classic triad of findings. A thorough evaluation has not yielded an objective explanation for the episodic hemiparesthesia. We present a patient exhibiting the classic triad of Wildervanck's syndrome, whose presentation is unique because hemiparesthesia has not previously been reported in association with this rare syndrome.[1]


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