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Disease relevance of Diplopia


High impact information on Diplopia

  • Diplopia following ibuprofen administration [6].
  • Diplopia completely resolved in two patients and improved in the third coincident with administration of cyclophosphamide [7].
  • Usually, each patient's serum recognized a different autoantigen, except for adenomatous polyposis coli that was recognized by sera of two patients with idiopathic OM and two control patients with nystagmus, diplopia, and paraneoplastic brainstem dysfunction [8].
  • Clinical images: Brown's syndrome: an unusual cause of diplopia in rheumatoid arthritis [9].
  • Nodular pulmonary lesions developed twice, and diplopia and unilateral visual loss once, after reduction of the steroid dose [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Diplopia

  • Unless contraindicated, patients with diplopia were recommended for therapy with prednisone, up to 40 to 60 mg/d, with the dosage tapered for 5 to 6 weeks [11].
  • The amount of MR path displacement with coronal surgery was inversely correlated with range of abduction and directly correlated with severity of horizontal diplopia [12].
  • Diplopia with citalopram: a case report [13].
  • Three patients had radiation-related complications, including diplopia (n = 2), ipsilateral blindness (n = 1), testosterone/growth hormone deficiency (n = 1), and asymptomatic temporal lobe radiation necrosis (n = 1): all had received prior radiotherapy [14].
  • All volunteers reported adverse events; the most common were slurred speech (in 1 after 10 mg and in 5 after 20 mg of zolpidem), dizziness (in 4 after both 10 mg and 20 mg of zolpidem) and diplopia/blurred vision (in 4 after 20 mg of zolpidem) [15].

Biological context of Diplopia


Anatomical context of Diplopia


Gene context of Diplopia


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Diplopia


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