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Control of Drosophila adult pattern by extradenticle.

The homeobox gene extradenticle (exd) acts as a cofactor of the homeotic genes in the specification of larval patterns during embryogenesis. To study its role in adult patterns, we have generated clones of mutant exd- cells and examined their effect on the different body parts. In some regions, exd- clones exhibit homeotic transformations similar to those produced by known homeotic mutations such as Ultrabithorax (Ubx), labial (lab), spineless-aristapedia (ssa) or Antennapedia (Antp). In other regions, the lack of exd causes novel homeotic transformations producing ectopic eyes and legs. Moreover, exd is also required for functions normally not associated with homeosis, such as the maintenance of the dorsoventral pattern, the specification of subpatterns in adult appendages or the arrangement of bristles in the mesonotum and genitalia. Our findings indicate that exd is critically involved in adult morphogenesis, not only in the homeotic function but also in several other developmental processes.[1]


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