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Specialization of B-type cyclins for mitosis or meiosis in S. cerevisiae.

The CLB1, CLB2, and CLB3 genes encode B-type cyclins important for mitosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, while a fourth B-type cyclin gene, CLB4, has no clear role. The effects of homozygous clb mutations on meiosis were examined. Mutants homozygous for clb1 clb3, or for clb1 clb4, gave high levels of sporulation, but produced mainly two-spored asci instead of four-spored asci. The cells had completed meiosis I but not meiosis II, producing viable diploid ascospores. CLB1 and CLB4 seem to be much more important for meiosis than for mitosis and may play some special role in meiosis II. In contrast, CLB2 is important for mitosis but not meiosis. The level of Cdc28-Clb activity may be important in determining whether meiosis II will occur.[1]


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