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Effects of continual intravenous posttreatment with D-CPP-ene, a potent competitive N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist, on rat brain edema induced by injection of triethyltin into the cerebral hemisphere.

Brain edema was produced by injecting triethyltin (TET) into the right cerebral hemisphere via the internal carotid artery in rats. TET induced a dose-related increase in mortality rate and brain water content. Immediately after TET-injection (2 mg/head), saline, glycerol (125 mg/ml) or the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist (R)-4-(3-Phosphono-2-propenyl)-2-piperazine carboxylic acid (D-CPP-ene; 0.083 and 0.25 mg/ml) was continually infused via the right internal jugular vein at 20 microliters/min for 6 h. The mortality rate and brain water content were significantly decreased after infusion of 0.25 mg/ml D-CPP-ene, but only somewhat reduced after glycerol infusion when compared with the saline group. The results suggest that continual intravenous posttreatment with D-CPP-ene is useful for treatment of brain edema.[1]


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