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Carotid Artery, Internal

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  • RESULTS: A profound focal expression of ICAM-1 in the outer wall of the internal carotid artery could be demonstrated (86% of all specimens) [31].
  • Only TFPI was associated with subclinical atherosclerosis: ankle-arm index and internal carotid artery stenosis, p trend < or = 0.01; and carotid wall thickness, p trend < or = 0.05 [32].
  • Administration of 1 and 5 nmol NPY as a bolus into the internal carotid artery caused a dose-dependent decrease in the ipsilateral striatal LCBF [33].
  • Internal carotid artery infusion of AngII at a low dose (0.1 pmol min-1) revealed a 23% reduction in cerebral blood flow (CBF), while the infusion of AngIV increased CBF in a dose-dependent fashion with the highest dose (100 pmol min-1) resulting in an elevation of 30% [34].
  • Although most of these proteoglycans seem to be present in similar amounts at the two locations, there was a selective enhanced deposition of lumican in the intima of the atherosclerosis-prone internal carotid artery compared with the intima of the atherosclerosis-resistant internal thoracic artery [35].

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