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Cis and trans-acting regulatory elements required for regulation of the CPS1 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

To clarify the transcriptional regulation by nutrient limitation of the gene encoding carboxypeptidase yscS in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CPS1), we performed an analysis of its 5' noncoding region. In deletion experiments a sequence located between positions -644 and -591 was found to be responsible for transcriptional repression of the CPS1 gene in yeast cells grown on rich nitrogen sources. Furthermore, a 162 bp fragment spanning positions -644 to -482 of the promoter of the CPS1 gene repressed gene expression when placed 3' to the upstream activation sequence (UAS) of the heterologous gene CYC1. A fragment containing this putative upstream repression sequence (URS) was shown specifically to bind protein from a yeast extract as demonstrated by gel retardation experiments. Although a sequence mediating the control of gene expression by GCN4 was found within the URS element, the GCN4 gene product is not required for DNA-binding activity. In addition, at least three other upstream activation UASs responsible for the activation of CPS1 expression by glucose under nitrogen starvation conditions were found to be located between positions -673 and -644, -482 and -353, and -243 and -186, respectively. The putative mechanism of the nitrogen limitation-dependent regulation of CPS1 expression via these regulatory elements is discussed.[1]


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