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Identification of a dual specificity kinase that activates the Jun kinases and p38-Mpk2.

One Ras-dependent protein kinase cascade leading from growth factor receptors to the ERK (extracellular signal- regulated kinases) subgroup of mitogen- activated protein kinases (MAPKs) is dependent on the protein kinase Raf-1, which activates the MEK ( MAPK or ERK kinase) dual specificity kinases. A second protein kinase cascade leading to activation of the Jun kinases (JNKs) is dependent on MEKK (MEK kinase). A dual-specificity kinase that activates JNK, named JNKK, was identified that functions between MEKK and JNK. JNKK activated the JNKs but did not activate the ERKs and was unresponsive to Raf-1 in transfected HeLa cells. JNKK also activated another MAPK, p38 (Mpk2; the mammalian homolog of HOG1 from yeast), whose activity is regulated similarly to that of the JNKs.[1]


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