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Drosophila glutathione S-transferase D27: functional analysis of two consecutive tyrosines near the N-terminus.

The Drosophila glutathione S-transferase D27 (GST D27) has been purified and characterized after direct expression of the intronless gstD27 gene in E. coli. The GST D27 has both conjugation activity against the common substrate 1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene and peroxidase activity against cumene hydroperoxide. Its pH optimum is 8.5 in 0.125 M bis-tris propane buffer at 22 degrees C. It is more thermal labile than the human GST121. The GST D27 has two tyrosines at positions 3 and 4. Both of them appear to be important but neither of them is essential for the enzyme activity. Thus, other residues may also participate in catalysis. The two tyrosines of GST D27 could also be important in binding to GSH or S-hexyl GSH. Results from in vitro biochemical analyses were confirmed by the in vivo activity-based CDNB growth inhibition analyses. Our results clearly indicate that the Drosophila GST D isozymes are different from any of the known mammalian GSTs.[1]


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