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Distribution of calretinin, calbindin D28k, and parvalbumin in subcellular fractions of rat cerebellum: effects of calcium.

The distribution of calretinin, calbindin D28k, and parvalbumin was examined in subcellular fractions prepared from rat cerebellum and analyzed by immunoblot. Calretinin was also quantified by radioimmunoassay. As expected, all three soluble, EF-hand calcium-binding proteins were predominantly localized in the cytosolic fraction. Calretinin and calbindin D28k were also detected in membrane fractions. Calretinin was more abundant in synaptic membrane than in microsomal fractions. The cerebellar microsomal fraction contained the greatest concentration of membrane-associated calbindin D28k. The association of calretinin and calbindin D28k with membrane fractions was decreased in samples prepared or incubated in low calcium. Quantification of calretinin in subcellular fractions of rat cerebellum revealed a greater amount of calretinin in cytosolic fractions prepared or incubated in low calcium and reduced amounts of calretinin in all membrane fractions incubated in low calcium with the exception of the mitochondrial fraction. These results imply that calretinin and calbindin D28k might have physiological target molecules that are associated with, or are components of, brain membranes.[1]


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