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Clonorchiasis and metagonimiasis in the inhabitants along Talchongang (River), Chungwon-gun.

To evaluate the status of clonorchiasis and metagonimiasis of the inhabitants near Talchongang (River) in Chungwon-gun, Chungchongbuk-do, the stools of 67 inhabitants were examined by formalin-ether sedimentation method from August to September, 1993. Also freshwater fish caught in Talchongang were examined by slide compression method. The egg positive cases of Clonorchis sinensis and Metagonimus sp. were 22 (32.8%), and 14 (20.9%), respectively. Of 17 species of examined fish. 14 species were infected with C. sinensis and 13 species with Metagonimus sp. The adult worm collected from 2 patients after treatment with praziquantel was Metagonimus Miyata type. Also the adult worm obtained from the experimental mice infected with metacercariae from Zacco platypus was Metagonimus Miyata type. We found the highly endemic area of clonorchiasis and metagonimiasis along Talchongang.[1]


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