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Disease relevance of Clonorchiasis


High impact information on Clonorchiasis

  • In five of the ten patients with clonorchiasis, stippled or aggregated, powderlike areas of high attenuation were seen on precontrast CT scans; at pathologic examination, those areas were found to be mucin [4].
  • Bacterially expressed recombinant protein exhibited a specific antibody reaction with clonorchiasis sera [5].
  • Therefore, it is proposed that C. sinensis PGK could be used as an immunoreagent in the serodiagnosis for clonorchiasis [6].
  • These results suggest that pcDNA3.1-FABP induces a typical T helper-1-dominated immune response and it is a good candidate for use in future clonorchiasis vaccination studies [7].
  • The results suggested that the recombinant cysteine proteinase-based ELISA could provide a highly sensitive and specific assay for diagnosis of clonorchiasis [8].

Chemical compound and disease context of Clonorchiasis

  • The present study aimed to evaluate control efficacy of clonorchiasis by two schemes of repeated treatment with praziquantel at two endemic villages in China. Residents of one village at Guangxi Autonomous Region were treated and examined 6-monthly and of another at Liaoning Province 12-monthly [9].
  • Comparison of praziquantel, amoscanate and hexachloroparaxylol in clonorchiasis sinensis [10].
  • In this paper available serologic and immunologic methods for the diagnosis of clonorchiasis used at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Yonsei University, Seoul, are reviewed, and the results from skin test and ELISA are compared and discussed [11].
  • In the treatment of clonorchiasis with antimony preparations, gentian violet, emetine HCl, chloroquine diphosphate and dithiazanine iodide, only temporary clinical improvement and negative or reduced egg counts could be achieved, but complete cure was not obtained [12].

Biological context of Clonorchiasis


Gene context of Clonorchiasis

  • There was an association between the degree of mucin secretion and the presence and severity of clonorchiasis [14].
  • Pseudorasbora parva were collected at an endemic river of clonorchiasis and were used for irradiation of the fluke in three schemes [15].
  • 4. Antisera from human clonorchiasis and C. sinensis-infected rabbits reacted in immunoblots with the partially purified proteinase [16].


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