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Dapiprazole clinical efficiency for counteracting tropicamide 1%.

We evaluated the clinical usefulness of dapiprazole in reversing the effects of tropicamide 1.0%. Our study was random, masked with placebo, and used one eye of each subject as a control. Thirty subjects were given dapiprazole as directed by the manufacturer 30 min after being dilated by one drop each of proparacaine 0.5%, tropicamide 1.0%, and then 5 min later another drop of tropicamide 1.0%. Pupil diameter, amplitude of accommodation, conjunctival injection, and intraocular pressure were evaluated. Each of these variables was measured: (1) before instillation of the diagnostic agents; (2) before the instillation of dapiprazole; and (3) at 30, 60, 120, and 180 min after the final instillation of dapiprazole. The average pupillary recovery time for dapiprazole-treated eyes was significantly less than for nontreated eyes. Accommodation also showed faster recovery. Comfortable reading ability returned after approximately 43 min with dapiprazole vs. 66 min without dapiprazole. All of our subjects exhibited conjunctival hyperemia after the administration of dapiprazole. This persisted throughout the 180 min observation period after its administration.[1]


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