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Modified par j I allergen from P judaica pollen and its rate of absorption in rats.

Polymerized allergens (allergoids) have been introduced in the immunotherapy of allergic disease in order to reduce the risk of side effects. However, their high molecular weight can be a limit, particularly when they are administered by a route involving passage through the mucosal barrier. We describe a simple procedure aimed at developing an original modified allergen with significantly less allergenic potential (intended as human IgE-binding capacity) but preserving the monomeric nature of the molecule. Par j I, the major allergen of Parietaria judaica pollen, was purified by a combination of monoclonal antibodies and affinity chromatography. Par j I allergen was then modified by reaction with potassium cyanate (KCNO), and compared with the native allergen to evaluate its allergenic potency (RAST-inhibition) and molecular weight (SDS-PAGE). Modified allergen showed significantly lower allergenic potency but kept its original molecular weight, making it particularly suitable for buccal (sublingual) administration. To study the adsorption profile, modified Par j I was radiolabeled and administered intravenously and sublingually to normal rats. The prospects for clinical application of the modified allergen are discussed.[1]


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