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Rhinophyma's fibrous variant. Histopathology and immunohistochemistry.

Rhinophyma may present with either of two distinct histopathologic appearances. The most common shows histopathologic features of rosacea. The second pattern shows telangiectasia, diffuse dermal fibrosis with abundant mucin, and a virtual absence of pilosebaceous structures. These histopathologic features of the lesser-known fibrous variant of rhinophyma mimic those of fibrous papule of the nose. We report an unusual case that histopathologically resembled the second variant. Immunohistochemically, the dermal fibroblasts in this case showed intense staining with Factor XIIIa in a pattern similar to that demonstrated in fibrous papules. S-100 protein failed to stain these dermal fibroblasts. The presence of Factor XIIIa+ dermal fibroblasts may portend the evolution of fibrosis in rosacea and other inflammatory dermatoses.[1]


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