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Tissue-specific expression and methylation of the human CYP2E1 gene.

The level and number of CYP2E1 gene transcripts were investigated by northern blot analysis in various human adult tissues including liver, lung, placenta, skin and neurinoma. Three transcripts of 1.8, 2.6 and 4 Kb were expressed in a tissue-specific manner. The origin of the various transcripts was studied and showed that both 4 and 2.6 Kb mRNAs contained sequences from the 3' non-translated region of the gene and that the 4 Kb also contained region localized in the 5' non-translated region. Furthermore, it clearly appeared that a catalytically active CYP2E1 enzyme (as proved by NDMA demethylase activity) was only detected in tissues expressing the 1.8 Kb. The human CYP2E1 was also identified through immunohistochemical techniques. Finally, we observed a relation between the hypomethylation of the human CYP2E1 gene and the hypoexpression of the corresponding protein.[1]


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