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Mechanism of cAMP regulation of renin gene transcription by proximal promoter.

Renin is produced mainly by the kidney, and cAMP is a main positive regulator of its synthesis. This study was undertaken to analyze the molecular mechanism of cAMP-mediated regulation of Ren-1C gene transcription by the proximal promoter. We first showed that the promoter region from -365 to +16 of the mouse renin gene (Ren-1C) mediated the cAMP-induced chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene expression in embryonic kidney-derived 293 cells. Deletion analysis and heterologous promoter assay disclosed that the proximal promoter region from -75 to +16 was able to activate chloramphenicol acetyltransferase expression by cAMP, and indicated that the proximal promoter element from -75 to -47 (RP-2 element) overlapping the TATA-like region was able to confer cAMP responsiveness. Electrophoretic mobility shift assay and DNase I footprinting analysis demonstrated that novel nuclear factors in 293 cells interacted with the RP-2 element, and that cAMP increased the binding activity of these nuclear factors to the RP-2 element. Furthermore, we demonstrated that cAMP enhanced the binding of nuclear factors derived from juxtaglomerular cells, the main production site of renin in the kidney, to the RP-2 element in vivo. These results suggest that the RP-2 element plays an important role in the cAMP-mediated regulation of Ren-1C gene transcription through the proximal promoter.[1]


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