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Evaluation of tumor-associated glycoprotein-72 and CA 125 serum markers in patients with gynecologic diseases.

OBJECTIVE: This study was performed to evaluate the clinical values of tumor-associated glycoprotein-72 serum levels alone or in combination with CA 125 in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with ovarian cancer. STUDY DESIGN: Serum samples from 293 patients, 142 with primary carcinoma and 151 with benign diseases of the genital tract, were evaluated for the presence of CA 125, tumor-associated glycoprotein-72, and carcinoembryonic antigen. All patients underwent surgery for the primary tumor, and stage was defined according to the classification of International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics. RESULTS: When the measurement of serum tumor-associated glycoprotein-72 is combined with that of CA 125, the sensitivity for the detection of primary ovarian cancer increased from 60% to 73%, with no significant change in specificity, and resulted in a more accurate clinical assessment for detection of residual disease before the second-look procedure. In fact, when both markers were positive, 100% specificity was achieved; conversely, when both markers were negative, no residual disease was found. CONCLUSION: These findings suggest that tumor-associated glycoprotein-72 may be considered as a supplementary serum marker for CA 125, providing further clinical information for the diagnosis of primary and recurrent ovarian cancer.[1]


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