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SB 209670, a rationally designed potent nonpeptide endothelin receptor antagonist.

An extremely potent and highly specific non-peptide, subnanomolar endothelin (ET) receptor antagonist, SB 209670, has been synthesized and characterized. SB 209670, which was rationally designed using conformational models of ET-1, selectively inhibits binding of 125I-labeled ET-1 to cloned human ET receptor subtypes ETA and ETB (Ki = 0.2 and 18 nM, respectively). SB 209670 produces concentration-dependent inhibition of ET-1-mediated vasoconstriction in isolated vascular tissues and in vivo following either intravenous or intraduodenal administration. SB 209670 produces a dose-dependent reduction in blood pressure in hypertensive rats, protects from ischemia-induced neuronal degeneration in a gerbil stroke model, and attenuates neointima formation following rat carotid artery balloon angioplasty. SB 209670 will be useful in characterizing and classifying the physiological and pathophysiological effects of ET.[1]


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