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Effects of serotonergic agents on plasma prolactin levels in pyridoxine-deficient adult male rats.

Plasma concentration of prolactin was significantly reduced in pyridoxine-deficient as compared to control (pyridoxine-supplemented) adult male rats. Administration of pyridoxine to deficient rats resulted in a significant increase in plasma prolactin. The reduction in plasma prolactin in pyridoxine-deficient rats corresponded with the significantly reduced hypothalamic contents of pyridoxal phosphate and serotonin in pyridoxine-deficient rats. Plasma prolactin concentrations were also measured in response to serotonergic agents in both groups of rats. The administration of the 5HT1A agonist (8-hydroxy 2-n-dipropylamino tetralin) resulted in a significant increase in plasma prolactin and that of the specific 5HT1A antagonist spiroxatrine had the opposite effect. The results suggest that the hypothalamic serotonergic regulation of prolactin release is impaired in pyridoxine deficiency.[1]


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