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Dissociation of endogenous cellular ceramide from NF-kappa B activation.

The participation of cell ceramide in tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha-stimulated NF-kappa B activation in Jurkat T cells and HL-60 cells was studied. TNF-alpha readily stimulated NF-kappa B activity in both cell lines as assayed by electrophoretic mobility shift assay and the use of a human immunodeficiency virus-chloramphenicol acetyltransferase reporter construct. However, TNF-alpha stimulation did not increase cell ceramide levels in either cell line. The exogenous addition of a short chain ceramide, N-acetylsphingosine, to Jurkat cells had no effect on NF-kappa B activity. When Jurkat T cells were exposed to the glucosylceramide synthase inhibitor, 1-phenyl-2-decanoylamino-3-morpholino-1-propanol, endogenous ceramide levels increased 4-fold. The increase in ceramide, however, did not result in NF-kappa B activation nor did it potentiate TNF-alpha or phorbol ester-stimulated activity. We conclude that TNF-alpha- induced NF-kappa B activation occurs in Jurkat and HL-60 cell lines that do not demonstrate an increase in TNF-alpha-induced ceramide. Increasing ceramide levels by the addition of short chain ceramides or the use of a glucosylceramide synthase inhibitor can be dissociated from activation of NF-kappa B by TNF-alpha.[1]


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