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Purification and characterization of Bordetella calmodulin-like protein.

Bordetella calmodulin-like protein was purified from culture supernatant fluid of B. pertussis, B. parapertussis and B. bronchiseptica by successive chromatography on hydroxyapatite, Toyopearl HW-50F and QAE-Toyopearl 550C columns. The purified calmodulin-like protein appeared to be homogeneous by SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The apparent molecular mass of calmodulin-like protein on SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was 10 kDa, which was smaller than bovine brain calmodulin (17 kDa). The purified calmodulin-like protein activated both Bordetella adenylate cyclase and mammalian phosphodiesterase in a Ca(2+)-dependent manner. This activation was inhibited by calmodulin antagonists. The calmodulin-like protein, like calmodulin, was retained by a hydrophobic resin in the presence of Ca2+ and eluted by the addition of EDTA. These results indicated that the Bordetella calmodulin-like protein is closely related to calmodulin. As a putative calmodulin the extracellular calmodulin may be involved in Bordetella pathogenesis.[1]


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