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Tissue distribution of histamine N-methyltransferase-like immunoreactivity in rodents.

The rat kidney histamine N-methyltransferase was purified to homogeneity from Escherichia coli transfected with its recombinant cDNA. An antiserum to the enzyme was raised in rabbit by immunization with the purified protein. Western blot analysis of rat tissues with the antiserum revealed a band with identical mobility to that of purified enzyme in the extracts of kidney, jejunum, and brain, where the enzyme activity was detected. The antiserum cross-reacted with a 32K protein in mouse liver, brain, stomach, kidney and lung, and a 33K protein in guinea pig brain, stomach jejunum, spleen, lung, and kidney. The intensity of the staining in western blotting correlated well with the enzyme activity in all the tissues in these three species, suggesting that our antiserum is useful for quantifying histamine N-methyltransferase protein in rodent tissues.[1]


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