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Evidence for cytosine methylation of non-symmetrical sequences in transgenic Petunia hybrida.

A considerable proportion of cytosine residues in plants are methylated at carbon 5. According to a well-accepted rule, cytosine methylation is confined to symmetrical sequences such as CpG and CpNpG, which provide the signal for faithful transmission of symmetrical methylation patterns by maintenance methylase. Using a genomic sequencing technique, we have analysed cytosine methylation patterns within a hypermethylated and a hypomethylated state of a transgene in Petunia hybrida. Examination of a part of the transgene promoter revealed that in both states m5C residues located within non-symmetrical sequences could be detected. Non-symmetrical C residues in the two states were methylated at frequencies of 5.9 and 31.9%, respectively. Methylation appeared to be distributed heterogeneously, but some DNA regions were more intensively methylated than others. Our results show that at least in a transgene, a heterogeneous methylation pattern, which does not depend on symmetry of target sequences, can be established and conserved.[1]


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