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Selective repression of v-abl-encoded protein by N-methylisatin-beta-4',4'-diethylthiosemicarbazone and N-allylisatin-beta-4',4'-diallylthiosemicarbazone.

N-Methylisatin-beta-4',4'-diethylthiosemicarbazone (M-IBDET) and N-allylisatin-beta-4',4'-diallylthiosemicarbazone (A-IBDAT) selectively inhibited v-abl protein (P120), an oncogene product associated with tyrosine kinase activity. Concentrations of M-IBDET ranging between 0.17 and 0.64 microM and concentrations of A-IBDAT from 1.45 to 2.9 microM reduced tyrosine kinase activity significantly, whereas 0.64 microM M-IBDET and 2.9 microM A-IBDAT blocked P120 production. Cellular growth rate, protein production, and synthesis of p45 actin and p53 nuclear oncogene were not affected at these conditions. M-IBDET and A-IBDAT selectively suppress the v-abl oncogene as well as Moloney murine leukemia virus production.[1]


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