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Characterization of an Arabidopsis lipoxygenase gene responsive to methyl jasmonate and wounding.

A cDNA corresponding to the gene AtLox2 was isolated from an Arabidopsis thaliana library using a lipoxygenase ( LOX) probe from soybean. AtLox2 encodes a 102-kD protein, AtLOX2, which has 42 to 45% amino acid sequence identity with other plant LOX sequences. The AtLOX2 sequence is more than 30 amino acids longer at the amino terminus than other plant LOX sequences, and this extension has features reminiscent of chloroplast transit peptides, suggesting that AtLOX2 may be chloroplast localized. AtLox2 mRNA levels are high in leaves and inflorescences but very low in seeds, roots, and stems. AtLox2 mRNA accumulation is rapidly induced in leaves in response to methyl jasmonate. Leaves that have been wounded and adjacent leaves on the same plant also accumulate AtLox2 mRNA.[1]


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