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Continuous flow and liquid chromatographic determination of p-toluenesulfonamide in ice cream: interlaboratory study.

A collaborative study of the continuous flow (CF) and liquid chromatographic determination of p-toluene-sulfonamide (p-TSA) in ice cream was conducted by the Project Group on Collaborative Studies ( PCS) of the Inspectorate for Health Protection, Food Inspection Service, The Netherlands. The procedure involves extraction of samples with water followed by cleanup of the extracts by dialysis in the CF system. Dialysates are injected by using a loop injector (500 microL) on a reversed-phase octadecylsilane bonded-phase ( C18) column, chromatographed with methanol-water (25 + 75, v/v) as mobile phase, and quantitated by fluorescence detection at 230 nm (excitation) and 295 nm (emission). Seven ice-cream samples containing 0-6.35 mg/kg p-TSA at 4 different levels (1 blank and 3 pairs of split-level samples) were singularly analyzed according to the proposed procedure by 11 laboratories. The data were analyzed by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry/International Organization for Standardization/AOAC protocol for statistics. No Cochran and Grubbs outliers were found among the participants. For all samples analyzed, repeatability relative standard deviations (RSDr) varied from 2.08 to 3.67%, whereas the reproducibility relative standard deviations (RSDR) ranged from 7.79 to 11.68%. The average p-TSA values for the split levels 1, 2, and 3 were 0.55, 1.02, and 4.44 mg p-TSA/kg, respectively, with mean recoveries ranging from 76 to 79% (overall recovery range for all levels, 63-101%). No false-positive results were reported for the blank sample, and no interference was encountered by the presence of vanilla in samples.[1]


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