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Chemical Compound Review

Tosylamide     4-methylbenzenesulfonamide

Synonyms: p-Tosylamide, CHEMBL574, SureCN7370, AGN-PC-009IBX, NSC-9908, ...
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Disease relevance of P-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE


High impact information on P-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE

  • With norbornene and p-toluenesulfonamide as the substrates and 1 as the catalyst, intermediate [(COD)Pt(norbornene)2][OTf]2 (3) was identified and characterized by 19F and 195Pt NMR spectroscopies and mass spectrometry [5].
  • The key transformations include the generation of an alkylidenecarbene intermediate through intramolecular addition of a tosylamide anion to an alkynyliodonium salt, and the cycloaddition of that carbene to a peri positioned aromatic ring to afford a cycloheptatrienylidene product featuring the intact pareitropone skeleton [6].
  • Cyclization of an alcohol containing pendant monosubstituted and trisubstituted olefins catalyzed by either triflic acid or metal triflates form products from addition to the more substituted olefin, and additions of tosylamide catalyzed by triflic acid or metal triflates form indistinguishable ratios of the two N-alkyl sulfonamides [7].
  • The kinetics and mechanisms of chlorine transfer from chloramine-T (CAT) to several amines are second order and independent of p-toluenesulfonamide concentration; thus, the reaction does not involve disproportionation of CAT to dichloramine-T [8].
  • The influence of the binding of the high-affinity inhibitor, 4-methylbenzenesulfonamide, to the active site of bovine carbonic anhydrase B was studied by 15N- and 13C-NMR spectroscopy [9].

Biological context of P-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE


Associations of P-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of P-TOLUENESULFONAMIDE


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