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Transcripts for cysteine-rich secretory protein-1 (CRISP-1; DE/AEG) and the novel related CRISP-3 are expressed under androgen control in the mouse salivary gland.

Expression of the gene for cysteine-rich secretory protein-1 (CRISP-1), the counterpart of the rat sperm-coating protein DE/AEG, was evidenced in male mouse salivary gland by both isolation of the corresponding cDNA clone and RNA blot analysis. In addition, the cDNA coding for the new related CRISP-3, which shares 77% amino acid identity with CRISP-1, was isolated from a salivary gland cDNA library. The activity of CRISP-1 and -3 genes in mouse salivary gland is strongly androgen dependent, as seen in castrated males; also, no CRISP-1 and only weak CRISP-3 expression was detected in female salivary gland. A variety of tissues were tested for the presence of CRISP-3 transcripts, but specific signals were only found in salivary gland. The results of genomic DNA blot analysis are compatible with the existence of single discrete genes for CRISP-1 and CRISP-3.[1]


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