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Ventilation is coupled to metabolic demands during progressive hypothermia in rodents.

We examined changes in ventilation and metabolic rate during hypothermia (36-27 degrees C) induced with exposure to helium-oxygen and cold in halothane anesthetized ground squirrels (Spermophilus lateralis) and rats. As a consequence of proportionate decreases in VCO2 and breathing frequency, the VE/VCO2 in both species remained constant. The changes which occurred in breathing pattern were also similar in the two species; an increase in TI and TE along with emergence of apneic periods between breaths at body temperatures below 31 degrees C. VT/TI and TI/TTOT decreased but VT remained constant with progressive hypothermia. The ventilatory responses to hypercapnia and hypoxia decreased to the same extent as the ventilatory and metabolic requirements in the ground squirrel but not the rat. The changes in VE and VCO2 during hypothermia in the ground squirrel predicted well the values observed in deep hibernation. We conclude that regulation of ventilation at reduced body temperatures is tightly coupled to metabolic demand.[1]


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