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Transfer of genetic information in the rp49 region of Drosophila subobscura between different chromosomal gene arrangements.

Nucleotide variation in the region including the ribosomal protein 49 (rp49) gene was investigated by direct sequencing of 10 alleles of Drosophila subobscura from chromosomes differing in gene arrangements. Fifty-six nucleotide and seven length polymorphisms were detected over a 1.5-kb region. Of the 20 nucleotide polymorphisms present more than once in the sample, 13 were segregating in O[3 + 4], 9 in O[3 + 4 + 8], and 4 in O[st] chromosomal classes. Several of these polymorphisms were segregating in more than one chromosomal class, a strong indication of genetic transfer between different chromosomal gene arrangements either by double crossover or gene conversion. Given the probable role played by gene conversion in the history of the rp49 region in D. subobscura, estimates of nucleotide diversity within chromosomal class indicate that the O[3 + 4] chromosomal gene arrangement is older than the O[st] arrangement.[1]


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