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Alteration of elastin in aorta from diabetics.

The differences in desmosine, isodesmosine (DID), hydroxyproline and cholesterol in the human thoracic aorta from diabetic (n = 16) and non-diabetic (n = 17) autopsy subjects were investigated. DID was analyzed by the use of high performance liquid chromatography. The amount of DID, and total DID (DID+reduced DID) tended to be lower in the diabetic than in non-diabetic subjects. The ratio of DID or total DID to hydroxyproline was significantly decreased in diabetic compared to non-diabetic subjects. Amount of DID, reduced DID and total DID were significantly lower in aorta with plaque formation than that without plaque or ulcer. Multiple regression analysis showed that amount of cholesterol, DID, reduced DID and age were significantly associated with dry weight per area of the aorta. A similar association was not observed in non-diabetic subjects. Compositional changes of aortic cholesterol and elastin have a closer relationship with atherosclerosis in diabetic than in non-diabetic subjects.[1]


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