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Aorta, Thoracic

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Psychiatry related information on Aorta, Thoracic

  • Transmission electron microscopy of the media of the thoracic aorta revealed that the types of intercellular contacts seen in the controls and in the BAPN group were intermediate junctions (IJs), nexus junctions (NJs), simple appositions (SAs), and interdigitations (Ids) as in adult vessels [6].

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Associations of Aorta, Thoracic with chemical compounds

  • After 28 d of dietary treatment, segments of thoracic aorta from the 0.5 and 1% cholesterol groups demonstrated impairment of acetylcholine-mediated endothelium-dependent arterial relaxation compared to chow-fed animals (57 +/- 11% and 45 +/- 9% vs 78 +/- 3%, respectively; P < 0.05) [27].
  • We have examined, using quantitative autoradiography, the expression of angiotensin II receptor subtypes AT1 and AT2, and angiotensin-converting enzyme, in the neointima formed in the rat thoracic aorta 15 d after balloon-catheter injury [28].
  • Using cultured SMC from rabbit thoracic aorta, we demonstrated that PGI2, 6-keto-PGF1 alpha, and 6-keto-PGE1 enhanced ACEH activity fourfold [29].
  • We report here that human recombinant IL-1-beta potently inhibits the response of rat thoracic aorta to vasoconstrictor agents [30].
  • After 3 mo of enalapril treatment (10 mg/kg per d, p.o.) the percent plaque areas in the thoracic aortas of treated animals were significantly reduced (controls: 86.8 +/- 3.5%; treated: 31.1 +/- 8%, P < 0.001) [31].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Aorta, Thoracic


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