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Conversion of homothallic yeast to heterothallism through HO gene disruption.

A simple method was developed for the conversion of homothallic Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains to heterothallism through HO gene disruption. An integrative ho::neo disrupted allele was constructed by cloning a dominant selectable marker, the bacterial neo gene, within the HO gene. Transformation of a homothallic diploid S. cerevisiae strain with plasmid DNA containing the ho::neo allele yielded G418-resistant yeast transformants in which one of the HO alleles was replaced by the disrupted ho::neo allele. Meiotic tetrad analysis of four-spored asci from these G418-resistant transformants gave rise to haploid heterothallic and diploid homothallic tetrad progeny. The presence of the ho::neo and HO alleles in the heterothallic and homothallic progeny was confirmed by Southern-blot analysis.[1]


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