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Induction of stathmin expression during liver regeneration.

Stathmin is a 19 kDa cytoplasmic phosphoprotein proposed to act as a relay for signals activating diverse intracellular regulatory pathways. After two-thirds partial hepatectomy, the concentration of stathmin reached a peak between 48 and 72 hours, comparable to the levels observed in neonatal liver, at about 10 times the basal adult level. Stathmin then decreased to basal levels within 7 days, more rapidly than during postnatal tissue development (7 weeks), with no detectable change in its phosphorylation state. Interestingly, the mRNA for stathmin reached a peak much earlier than the protein, at 24 hours posthepatectomy, and decreased to a still detectable level until 96 hours after hepatectomy. Altogether, the present results further support the generatility of the implication of stathmin in regulatory pathways of cell proliferation and differentation during normal tissue development and posttraumatic regeneration.[1]


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