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Genes required for extracellular secretion of enterotoxin are clustered in Vibrio cholerae.

Pleiotropic transposon insertion mutants of Vibrio cholerae that are unable to secrete enterotoxin, HA/protease and chitinase through the outer membrane have been isolated. The gene, epsM, responsible for complementation of two of the Tn5 insertion mutations was sequenced. It encodes a putative cytoplasmic membrane protein of 18.5 kDa that exhibits similarity to proteins required for extracellular secretion of pullulanase, pectate lyase or elastase in other Gram-bacteria. It is present on a 15-kb DNA fragment from the V. cholerae genome, containing the epsE gene that was previously shown to be required for secretion of cholera toxin [Sandkvist et al., Gene 123 (1993) 81-86]. Partial reading frames flanking epsM also demonstrated similarity to genes required for extracellular secretion of pullulanase in Klebsiella oxytoca.[1]


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