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Bile duct pressure, hormonal influence and recurrent bile duct stones.

An obstacle to the outflow from the bile duct not only increases bile duct pressure but also facilitates the formation of primary bile duct stones. The bile duct pressure, an indicator of the balance between bile inflow and outflow, was studied postoperatively under similar conditions in 123 patients, who had been operated on for bile duct stones. Secondary bile duct stones had been present in 86 patients (group CC) and primary stones in 26 (group C), while 11 without sphincter of Oddi function were used as a control group. The basal bile duct pressure was similar in groups CC and C, but significantly lower in the controls. Intraductal injection of saline solution caused a similar increase in bile duct pressure in groups CC and C, but not in the controls. Intravenous administration of secretin and somatostatin increased the bile duct pressure in groups CC and C, while a "normal" response to cholecystokinin, a decrease in bile duct pressure, was observed only in group CC. The "abnormal" response to cholecystokinin found in group C indicates a motor dysfunction of the sphincter of Oddi, which may have been responsible for, or at least contributed to, the formation of recurrent bile duct stones in this group.[1]


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