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Synthesis of 20-hydroxy-, 20-amino-, and 20-nitro-14-hydroxy-21-nor-5 beta,14 beta-pregnane C-3 glycosides and related derivatives: structure-activity relationships of pregnanes that bind to the digitalis receptor.

The preparation of derivatives of 14-hydroxy-21-nor-5 beta,14 beta-pregnane and 5 beta,14 beta-pregnane C-3 alpha-L-rhamnosides and tris-beta-D-digitoxosides is described. These derivatives, possessing a C-17 beta COCH2OH, CH2OH, CO2H, CO2Me, CH2NH2, or CH2NO2 group, bind to the digitalis receptor recognition site of heart muscle as measured in a radioligand binding assay. The 21-norpregnane derivatives consistently show greater binding affinity than the corresponding 20 alpha- and 20 beta-pregnane analogs. The C-20 nitro rhamnoside is comparable to digitoxin in binding affinity. The 17 beta-CH2NO2 group is the most effective replacement for the unsaturated lactone in the binding assay found so far, showing binding affinity comparable to that of the cardiac glycosides.[1]


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