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NMR and circular dichroism studies of the lantibiotic nisin in non-aqueous environments.

The lantibiotic, nisin, which is known to interact with membranes of certain Gram-positive bacteria, was studied in three model systems which mimic a membrane-like environment, i.e. a mixture of trifluoroethanol and water, or micelles of sodium dodecyl sulfate or dodecylphosphocholine. The 1H NMR spectra of nisin in the non-aqueous environments, at 40 degrees C and pH 3.5, have been assigned completely. The CD and NMR results indicate that the conformation of nisin in the three non-aqueous environments differs from that in aqueous solution, and that the conformation in the two micellar systems is similar. The major conformational changes, relative to nisin in aqueous solution, occur in the N-terminus.[1]


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