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Sequence analysis of 22 kDa-like alpha-coixin genes and their comparison with homologous zein and kafirin genes reveals highly conserved protein structure and regulatory elements.

Several genomic and cDNA clones encoding the 22 kDa-like alpha-coixin, the alpha-prolamin of Coix seeds, were isolated and sequenced. Three contiguous 22 kDa-like alpha-coixin genes designated alpha-3A, alpha-3B and alpha-3C were found in the 15 kb alpha-3 genomic clone. The alpha-3A and alpha-3C genes presented in-frame stop codons at position +652. The two genes with truncated ORFs are flanking the alpha-3B gene, suggesting that the three alpha-coixin genes may have arisen by tandem duplication and that the stop codon was introduced before the duplication. Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequences of alpha-coixin clones with the published sequences of 22 kDa alpha-zein and 22 kDa-like alpha-kafirin revealed a highly conserved protein structure. The protein consists of an N-terminus, containing the signal peptide, followed by ten highly conserved tandem repeats of 15-20 amino acids flanked by polyglutamines, and a short C-terminus. The difference between the 22 kDa-like alpha-prolamins and the 19 kDa alpha-zein lies in the fact that the 19 kDa protein is exactly one repeat motif shorter than the 22 kDa proteins. Several putative regulatory sequences common to the zein and kafirin genes were identified within both the 5' and 3' flanking regions of alpha-3B. Nucleotide sequences that match the consensus TATA, CATC and the ca. -300 prolamin box are present at conserved positions in alpha-3B relative to zein and kafirin genes. Two putative Opaque-2 boxes are present in alpha-3B that occupies approximately the same positions as those identified for the 22 kDa alpha-zein and alpha-kafirin genes. Southern hybridization, using a fragment of a maize Opaque-2 cDNA clone as a probe, confirmed the presence of Opaque-2 homologous sequences in the Coix and sorghum genomes. The overall results suggest that the structural and regulatory genes involved in the expression of the 22 kDa-like alpha-prolamin genes of Coix, sorghum and maize, originated from a common ancestor, and that variations were introduced in the structural and regulatory sequences after species separation.[1]


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