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Flock house virus: down-regulation of subgenomic RNA3 synthesis does not involve coat protein and is targeted to synthesis of its positive strand.

Flock house virus is a small insect virus with a bipartite RNA genome consisting of RNA1 and RNA2. RNA3 is a subgenomic element encoded by RNA1, the genomic segment required for viral RNA synthesis (T. M. Gallagher, P. D. Friesen, and R. R. Rueckert, J. Virol. 46:481-489, 1983). Synthesis of RNA3 is strongly inhibited by RNA2, the gene for viral coat protein. Evidence that coat protein is not the regulatory element was obtained by using a defective interfering RNA2 which was messenger inactive. It was also found that RNA2 selectively down-regulated synthesis of positive-strand RNA3 but not of its complementary negative strand. cDNA-generated RNA2 transcripts, carrying four extra nonviral bases at the 3' end, failed to repress synthesis of RNA3 but recovered this activity after a single passage in Drosophila cells in the presence of RNA1, suggesting that down-regulation of RNA3 synthesis is controlled by competition with RNA2 for viral replicase.[1]


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