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Factors influencing the activity of ornithine aminotransferase in isolated rat liver mitochondria.

1. The characteristics of ornithine catabolism by the aminotransferase pathway in isolated mitochondria were determined. 2. Ornithine synthesis from glutamate and glutamate gamma-semialdehyde produced by the oxidation of proline was studied. No ornithine was formed in the absence of rotenone. 3. The mechanism of ornithine transport was reinvestigated, and the existence of an ornithine+/H+ exchange system postulated. 4. The kinetics of ornithine transport, ornithine catabolism in intact mitochondria and ornithine aminotransferase activity in solubilized mitochondria were compared. It is concluded that ornithine aminotransferase activity in liver mitochondria is rate-limited by the transport of ornithine across the mitochondrial membrane, and that this enzyme is involved primarily in ornithine degradation rather than ornithine synthesis.[1]


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