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Assignment of the glucose transporter 1 gene (SLC2A1) to swine chromosome 6q34-->qter.

A cosmid clone containing the glucose transporter gene (SLC2A1) was selected from a cosmid library of swine genomic fragments by colony hybridization using the cDNA of swine glucose transporter as a probe. The genomic fragment thus cloned was partially sequenced, and the sequence was compared first with the sequence of the cDNA and then with the reported rat genomic sequence. The sequence homology and exon/intron structure indicated that the genomic fragment contained at least part of SLC2A1. The fragment, together with vector DNA, was then labeled by biotin and used as a probe for in situ hybridization on swine chromosome spreads. Hybridization was visualized by the FITC-labeled streptavidin/biotinylated anti-streptavidin system together with the R-band pattern of chromosomes. The fluorescence signals revealed that SLC2A1 is localized on swine chromosome 6q34-->qter.[1]


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