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GH secretion in thalassemia patients with short stature.

The physiological role of GH secretion on growth retardation remains to be elucidated especially in patients with beta-thalassemia. In the present study, we investigated IGF-1 circulating levels as well as GH release following GHRH alone or combined with some inhibitors of somatostatin: pyridostigmine and arginine. In thalassemic patients lower IGF-1 circulating levels appear to be negatively correlated with both aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase as well as with ferritin circulating levels indicating a probable role of hepatic hemosiderosis in IGF-1 production. The authors however suggest that reduced IGF-1 secretion is not the main cause of growth retardation since this would have elicited an enhanced response of GHRH in the presence of a normal hypothalamic pituitary axis. In contrast, they noticed that GH response to GHRH when expressed as area under the curve was lower in thalassemic patients compared to controls. The combination of GHRH with either pyridostigmine or arginine induced a GH secretion in thalassemics which was comparable to that of controls. The results of this study lead to conclude that the alteration of GH secretion is due, in such patients, to an increased somatostatin activity.[1]


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