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v-Abl activates c-myc transcription through the E2F site.

The v-abl oncogene of Abelson murine leukemia virus encodes a deregulated form of the cellular nonreceptor tyrosine kinase. v-Abl activates c-myc transcription, and c-Myc is an essential downstream component in the v-Abl transformation program. To explore the mechanism by which v-Abl activates c-myc transcription, a cotransfection assay was developed. We show that transactivation of a c-myc promoter by v-Abl requires the SH1 (tyrosine kinase) and SH2 domains of v-Abl; the C-terminal domains are not required for transactivation. The assay also identified the E2F site in the c-myc promoter as a v-Abl-responsive element. In addition, multimerized E2F sites were shown to be sufficient to confer v-Abl-dependent activation on a minimal promoter. This is the first identification of a v-Abl response element for transcriptional activation. v-Abl tyrosine kinase-dependent changes in proteins binding the c-myc E2F site were also demonstrated, including induction of a complex containing DP1, p107, cyclin A, and cdk2. Identification of v-Abl-dependent changes in E2F-binding proteins provides an important link between v-Abl, transcription, cell cycle regulation, and control of cellular growth.[1]


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