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Enhancement and inhibition of mitogenic action of insulin-like growth factor I by high glucose in cultured bovine retinal pericytes.

To explore the possible relationship between insulin-like growth factor I(IGF-I) and diabetic retinopathy, we examined the effects of glucose on IGF-I stimulated thymidine incorporation into DNA and IGF-I binding in cultured bovine retinal pericytes. IGF-I significantly increased thymidine incorporation, and its effect was completely inhibited by IGF-I receptor antibody. The exposure to high glucose for 8 h significantly enhanced the IGF-I induced increase in thymidine incorporation as compared with those to normal glucose and to high osmolarity. In contrast, the incubation with high glucose for 24 h decreased thymidine incorporation in response to IGF-I. Specific binding of IGF-I to pericytes was increased by the incubation with high glucose for both 8 and 24 h. These results suggest that glucose may play an important role in the regulation of mitogenic action of IGF-I in retinal pericytes.[1]


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